Frequently Asked Questions

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If you need to know your hosting account’s IP address, we list it in your Hosting Control Center.

You cannot display a website online without hosting. We’ll walk you through the basics to help you select your hosting platform.

Keeping a backup of your website is a wonderful idea. It provides insurance against all types of setbacks, such as security compromises and inadvertently deleting your entire site (it happens). We suggest backing up your site before you make changes each and every time. That way, if something goes awry, you [...]

If your application needs your absolute path, we have it listed in your Hosting Control Center.

Yes, you can configure additional MIME types on your Linux hosting account.

Directories on your hosting account cannot hold more than 1,024 files and your entire hosting account cannot hold more than 500,000 files and folders.

We offer two different platforms with our hosting accounts. You should know which one best suits your needs, but you can switch them at any time.

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